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While at San Diego Comic-Con, attendees are privy to many things — fancy costumes, the occasional celebrity sighting, exclusive movie previews, large crowds. Though many of us are happy to take home memories or small bits of free swag thrown our way, many SDCC goers dive for the more tangible things — Comic-Con exclusives.

This year the Disney Store is joining the party. Only at Comic-Con, in collaboration with Funko, they will be selling limited edition POP! Vinyl figurines — a fuzzy flocked Sully, a glow in the dark Mike Wazowski, a chrome Mickey, a retro-suited Mr. Incredible, and two 9-inch giant-sized figurines from their regular collection — Buzz Lightyear and Maleficent.

The first series of Disney’s line of POP! collectibles came out in May, with 12 Disney characters like Stitch, Cruella DeVille, and Pinocchio getting a new look for the line.

Disney’s interest in starting a line with Funko actually started at SDCC 2010.

“It all came about a year ago at Comic-Con when we saw the POP! line for the first time,” said John Balen, director of toys for the Disney store. When Pixar designer Ben Butcher pushed them towards the company, “we fell in love with the stylization of the characters,” Balen said.

Balen is very enthusiastic about the current line of toys and the second line of characters (which will include a new suit Mr. Incredible, as well as Beauty and the Beast and other Disney favorites) due out in August.

“It’s something that we think appeals to guests of all ages. Little kids love them because they are so adorable, but the adult line of collecter  likes the unique stylization of the characters.”

On top of the very cool POP! SDCC exclusives, Disney has a new Vinylmation line coming out tomorrow.  A Vinylmation robot series will launch across the country, featuring 12  different 3″ designs like Tesla-bot and Love-bot.

For you Disney Vinylmation enthusiasts attending SDCC, you can take a break from the convention center and catch several vinylmation designers and the new robots at the Fashion Valley Disney Store! Signings will be happening from 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm on July 22 and 23.

For more information about the Disney POP! figures and Vinylmation, visit the Vinylmation blog or the Disney Store.

And be sure to snag one of those SDCC exclusives before they’re all gone!

— Caitlin Elgin