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It’s that time again! Cram into that body suit, buff up on your trivia, and get yourself down to San Diego for the 2011 Comic-Con where the fabulous and not so fabulous come to gawk, gather, and geek out.  This year we decided to make Comic-Con is our awkward, slightly tubby, overzealous muse by preparing a collection of our famous haikus about all our favorite quintesssinaly Comic-Con things in honor of nerds everywhere.




 On Lines:

Rows winding like eels
Testicles stuck to my thigh
The wait is endless

On Getting Swag:

Arms weighed by bounty
Licensed merch like Summer fruit
Sacks like sleeping bags

On Cosplay:

Vision heavenly
Bosom strained blouse, flash of thigh
Sailor Moon’s… a Dude?

On Pop Culture Geeks:

Walking Nerd-Wiki
Minutia is my forte
Insert reference here

On Market Value:

Care to make a bid?
This dick is mint condition
For display only

On Photo-Ops:

Cute girl in costume
Pose in front of camera
…Can I touch your boob?

On Heros:

Gods and Champions
Today they walk with mere men
Pee Wee signed my bike!

On Celebrity:

Stars of bygone times
Luster fades but here fame lives
Show biz is a bitch

On Autographs:

Signature at last
Dreams and hopes fulfilled
Guys, pizza is here!


Let us leave you with one last one…

Comic-Con is here
Racket Mag is on the job
It’s nerd boner time!

-Laura Gaddy