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Two Gentlemen of Lebowski
Adam Bertocci
Simon & Schuster

Remember when you had to read Shakespeare in high school? It sucked balls, didn’t it? High school English teachers, hear me! Ditch the Bard! Give your students this instead. You get to keep your sense of Olde English superiority with a tale that the kids already know. Adam Bertocci shows that he’s a little achiever and wrote this not as a joke, not under a contract but just because. Just because, man. That lack of dependency allowed Bertocci to craft this tale with plenty of inside jokes and references to REAL Shakespeare.

The anger of Sir Walter, Donny’s lack of being in his element and The Dude’s, err, The Knave’s unerring abiding are presented in this play format in true form to the cult classic.  There are even Cliff Notes built in to each page, helping you to avoid Googling the words and phrases that you have never seen before. Racket’s known to bitch and to tear shit apart sometimes, but I can’t find anything to bitch about. I suppose I’ll go bowling, err, play nine-pins.

-Jonathan “The Emperor” Yost