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Punk PoseWWE Superstar CM Punk is set to debut a new Against Me song this Sunday at Wrestlemania as he makes his return to the company; ending a long absence after this year’s Royal Rumble. CM Punk  had been reported as leaving due to frustration with the company,  reports stating that he “went home” on the night of January 26th. Since then there has been much speculation on the true nature of Punk’s departure. Now various sources are reporting that the Superstar will apparently make his return to the company during the Andre the Giant Memorial Rumble in one of the currently unannounced slots on the roster. During his return Punk will debut the unreleased Against Me song as his new entrance music for the foreseeable future. No word on how the song will be released physically yet. While Punk has maintained his radio silence on all fronts Laura Jane Grace was available for a statement.

I love Phil[Punk’s actual name],he’s been a good friend to us for a few years now. He hit me up the other day about using one of our songs for a big surprise at Wrestlemania. I was totally into the idea since we have a few songs that we recorded not too long ago. The single we’re using will more than likely be available for digital download the next day. Other than that we are keeping our lips sealed.

Punk Talking Dead

Punk was last seen on television during the March 16th  episode of AMC’s “Talking Dead”, the popular talk show that discusses the hit show “The Walking Dead”. However,  he did not speak about his current situation with the WWE. To read more about the collaboration you check out the interview here.