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SG Promo !Very recently everyone’s favorite dum dum was able to engage in an email conversation with Missy Suicide, founder of  the Suicide Girls website,  in regards to the upcoming Blackheart Burlesque Tour. Throughout our back and forth exchange I was able to pick her brain about how the tour came to be, what we can expect from the latest incarnation, and where she would like the show to go in the future. Although she kept some of the more major details close to her chest, not wanting to spoil any surprises, she did give enough of a tease to help build anticipation for the tour.  Speaking of which, this Saturday the people of San Diego will get a special early kick off show as the tour heads down to the House of Blues during the madness that is San Diego Comic-Con. However, the tour doesn’t officially gets underway until this October in Denver and will run until December when it wraps up in West Hollywood. So for those of you not near San Diego this weekend fret not as the tour will more than likely be coming to a city near you.

So until then read what Missy has to say and don’t forget to pick up your tickets early!

How did you link up with Manwe Sauls-Addison?

We were working on a television project and he was brought in as a choreographer to help us.  The project didn’t go but we hit it off and it has been hearts, flowers and an amazing collaboration since then.  He totally gets the SuicideGirl sensibility and makes my crazy ideas come to life 10x better than I could have imagined.

What kind of rehearsal time goes into crafting a show of this caliber?

Months :)

The description of the show teases references to game of thrones, Star Wars, Etc. How did you go about picking which movies and shows should be represented in this year’s incarnation?

We have a new line-up for our 2014 show; we take inspiration from what we are into at the time, what the girls are into, what our audience is into. We had a contest to see what our fans could come up with for a song and a theme on social media and what people voted for.

What was the selection process like in choosing the girls for this tour?

We have auditions and get girls who come out from across the country.  Sunny, one of our dancers saw the show last year in New York and got called on stage during part of it.  She loved the lime light so much that she flew out to LA when we were holding auditions.  She came with us on the Australian tour and is just the best.

You mentioned auditions, roughly how many girls auditioned and ultimately how many actually made the cut?

There were over 150 girls who auditioned and 11 girls made the cut.

During the audition process what were some things you were looking for in potential candidates for the show? 

We were looking for energy, and the ability to be the sexiest girl in the room, which was hard with 150+ other girls all trying to out do you.  The new girls are smoldering, you won’t be disappointed.

Is there anything special at the SDCC show that the rest of the tour might not see?

We are trying out a bunch of new numbers and new girls to see what the audience likes.  The comic con show is going to be amazing.  There are a lot of numbers that have never been seen and some that may never be seen again.

The show has done some dates in Canada and Australia, any plans for future international dates?

Yes!  We would love to book South American tour and a european tour ASAP!  We are talking with our booking agent about our plans for 2015 and early 2016. We also want to come back to Australia and Canada as well.

Is there any specific area that you just HAVE to go to that you haven’t already?

South America pretty please PLEASE. :)

Looks like you are dead set visiting South America. If you couldn’t do a full run but had the choice to visit one country for a one off date which one would you choose over the rest and why?

Oh man that is a tough one.  Colombia, Brazil or Chile… We have so many girls that I want to meet in all three it would be tough to pick just one.

Anything you want to do on this upcoming tour you didn’t get to squeeze in on the previous incarnation?

See all of the road side attractions; we didn’t stop at all on the last tour.  We are working on a list, the largest ball of twine, the corn palace, and wall drug.

Anything about the show you want people to know about that we didn’t cover already?

It is such a sexy fun experience you are not likely to have anywhere else.  The show is beyond description, you must see it for yourself.  You will leave with a smile I promise.