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unnamedNow, the first thing you should know is that my wife is the mothafucking jam. We’ve had more adventures together than I could count. We’ve been to Yos(t)emite, Mount Rushmore, Hawaii, and up and down the Pacific Coast. We had built our own campervan, and taken it to the Mojave Desert, Big Sur, and more (shout out to EH Valet Services in LA for getting it stolen by parking it two blocks from the wedding I was at instead of a lot! Fuckfaces.). So, when Awesomebox’s peeps reached out to see if I’d want to review it, I thought of the massive brownie points I could get for reminding my wife of our spectacular trips (and bonus pictures of our dogs) and said, “YES!” Then I took forever to get the review done, because I’m a jerk, but here it is.

The idea is, you upload images and captions, heartfelt notes, and/or fart jokes, they print them out and box it up like some real life baby of Pinterest and Instagram and ship it to you or the intended receiver. They open it up, realize how much you care, and, if a significant other, let you touch their butts. It’s a win-win deal. If you like someone, you should do this. Be nice to them because they are amazing. Or because you want to touch their butt, whatever.