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Thanksgiving FruitThanksgiving is upon us tomorrow and it’s an interesting time of year. Some people love it while others hate it, all for different reasons. Yet hat’s part of what makes America so great, the ability to have all of these differing opinions while still getting along. Or at least we try to get along, doesn’t usually work out that way. Regardless of your feelings on the holiday the one constant for the entire U.S. is that tomorrow the day will involve an excessive amount of overeating from coast to coast.

Now while I am not the biggest fan of the holiday I do love to eat and as of late I’ve been paying a fair amount of attention to the competitive eating world. It’s an interesting realm where in one can become a champion in a matter of minutes depending on how much and how fast you can eat. So while sitting down one evening after a night of drinking with our founder, Yost, I had a stroke of genius. Why not interview some of the more prolific names in the sport and run a feature spanning several days? He gave me his blessing and I began work. I originally had 5 people in mind but only ended up interviewing 3 of them. The other two were unavailable or the scheduling didn’t work out in time but I am happy with the 3 that we have. So let’s meet our eaters!

eating collageWe’re kicking things off today with an interview with Miki Sudo that you can check out here. Miki is new to the game and is currently kicking ass & taking names. She hasn’t even been on the professional circuit for a whole year yet but in her short time she has been kicking up a storm and managed to be ranked 7th in the world by Major League Eating. Our next eater is Matt “MegaToad” Stonie whose interview will be up on Thursday. The MegaToad has been in the game for a about 3 years and in that time he has managed to become ranked 4th all while maintaining a steadily growing internet fanbase. Then we cap off our series on Friday with Kevin ” LA Beast” Strahle. While the LA Beast is only ranked 17th he has a huge YouTube following with just under 400,ooo subscribers. The man has a presence and personality like no other not to mention he has his own theme song!

Perhaps if this series is popular enough we’ll do it again next year with some new faces in the mix and maybe even do a full 5 days as opposed to just 3.  So let us know what you think, share the interviews with your friends, and enjoy the rest of your week! Unless you work in retail. In that case, just don’t hit the sauce too hard.