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An Evening with Peaches

At what would otherwise be an age where most musical artists would consider winding down their raucous stage antics, going on hiatus, or perhaps foraying into the world of jazz, the now forty two year-old electro-clash queen Peaches is still on a seemingly never-ending quest to “Whip this party in to shape,” as the dictatorial party anthem “More” would imply. From her entrance to the end of her 2nd encore, Madame Peaches was hell bent on ensuring us that slowing down was indeed not even the last thing on her agenda.

Entering in what could only be described as a full body beard, the still reigning sex goddess tore through several new tracks off of the latest album I Feel Cream, backed by supporting band The Sweet Machine from Germany.  Opening song “Mud” was quickly followed by single “Talk to Me,” in which the singer’s previously unnoticed vocal strength was brought to the forefront. As the night progressed, the blend of untamed sexual abandon from tunes such as “I U She” and crowd favorite “Boys Wanna Be Her,” as well as electro/soul tracks “I Don’t Want to Lose You” and “I Feel Cream” provided a more complex dynamic that proved that the fiery vixen is indeed, maturing, but while still maintaining her juvenile hermaphroditic appeal that we’ve all come to know and lust uncontrollably after. In total, she played nineteen songs including signature tracks “Set it Off” and “Fuck the Pain Away,” as well as the lesser known, but still highly appreciated “Slippery Dick.” The definite highlight was her performance of the Iggy Pop duet “Kick It,” during which keyboardist Connor Rapp donned a blonde wig and leather pants to impersonate the proto punk icon.

Throughout the performance the crowd was treated to several costume changes that included several leotards, prosthetic breasts, a bath towel that she opened only to reveal a nude leotard and have her face projected on to either side of it, and a light up crotch piece, among many other lewd and entertaining props.

Amongst the theatrics, stripping, and dancing, it’s easy to forget just how much Peaches is constantly putting out on stage, (no pun intended). When she isn’t balancing on the security rail, she’s crowd surfing, changing outfits on stage, spitting blood at the audience, jumping off of the monitors, assaulting the crowd with the command take their shirts off, and so much more. At the rate she’s going, I think it’s anyone’s guess as to if she’ll ever slow down. If her performance was any indication, I think she’s just getting warmed up.

— Rick Hermansen