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Cena MovesThis Week the MiMoCast delivers it’s longest episode to date on the cusp of our 20 episode anniversary. After starting the show with a cold open about nipples, both Micheal’s & Schumacher’s,  the team wastes no time diving into topics that range from The Princess Bride to wrasslin’. Yes, we talk about wrestling once again. This time Mike talks about a dream he had earlier in the week. Very similar to the plot of Super Mario 2 but with more clotheslines & goombas or as we like to call them, jobbers.

Also part of the discussion is Mike’s rant about how much he hates the new Flash tv show, the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s big announcement for Captain America 3, and our fan casting for the new Ghostbusters movie. Music provided by Dan Potthast and the Bricks. Enjoy!