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Scott Pilgrim Picture ShowScott Pilgrim Vs. The World, Edgar Wright’s cinematic adaptation of the popular graphic novel series by Bryan Lee O’Malley, while positively received by critics upon it’s release in 2010 did not fare too well at the box office. Despite the less than stellar box office numbers the film lives on with a devout cult following that has grown over the years with late night screenings becoming common place across the country. This past Friday Orange County based production company, Cinemattack, had their own screening they billed simply as “The Scott Pilgrim Picture Show”. The event promised a more fan interactive experience than the usual screening including a light show, costume contest, and even free garlic bread. The promoters had done the event once before last year and although it was on my radar I was unable to attend due to work. Thankfully I was able to secure a ticket and get the night off to attend. Still going into the screening I wasn’t sure of what to expect from the more interactive experience¬† that had been promoted.

As I showed up to the theatre a good hour before doors there were a handful of kids waiting in line but as time drew closer to opening the line quickly grew. As the line grew so did my anticipation as well as my restlessness, especially with doors opening later than anticipated. Before doors opened several trays of garlic bread were brought out to feed the masses as we waited to be let into the theatre. Once everyone in line had a chance to get some garlic bread the doors were opened and everyone quickly filtered in. Once inside we were greeted to a photo area and merch table as well as the usual concessions. While the merch table had a nice assortment of items for purchase such as poster, pins, and gold coins to throw during the movie. While the photo area was nice I feel like I didn’t really have a good opportunity to use it without risking my place in line so I opted to forgo taking a picture.

After a brief period in the lobby we were let into the theatre and find seating. As the masses flowed in an eclectic selection of trailers and footage played on the the screen. From a collection of awful Legend of Zelda trailers to Davey Havok of AFI talking about kale and even the Mario Brothers on ice the promoters spared no effort to ensure us the weirdest pre-movie experience possible and I loved it. My only complaint is that the volume and resolution on some of the footage shown could have been tweaked a bit. Other than that A plus in my book! Once the theatre was filled up the heads of Cinemattack came to the front of the theatre to make some announcements that I unfortunately couldn’t hear because everyone in the room decided to talk over them. Then began a costume contest for prizes! Perhaps the stand out of the bunch was an individual who came dressed as a member of the vegan police.

Miles and MondoAfter the contest was over came the moment everyone was waiting for, the movie! As things were set to start we were shown one more intro video with a few simple instructions about how the crowd would be engaged before the film began. Once the film started I quickly appreciated all of the work put into the light show for the movie as well as the signals for quoting key dialogue for the movie. Not that we needed the latter but it’s always nice to help have encouragement to be a loud in a movie theatre. It’s not wrong if everyone is doing it! After the screening was done they gave away one more prize to the lucky owner of a gold coin with a red star; the lucky lady won a copy of the film’s soundtrack on vinyl. With everything out of the way the audience was encouraged to take posters off the wall with them and everyone made a mad dash for the lobby. Yours truly was able to score a few before they were all gone but not without some fast footwork.

As everything was all said an done I realized that this was easily my favorite screening of Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World to date. The organizers set out to bring an amazing event and they succeeded, turning me into a fan in the process. If you see the name Cinemattack on a flyer for an event you best bring your ass to the theatre! You will not be disappointed.

Speaking of which….TURTLE POWER!