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comic-con-logoThe behemoth that is San Diego Comic Con is just a little over a week away and everyone is scrambling to finalize plans or do some shopping before the big event. At this point in the game it’s safe to say the Racket Crew are Con Veterans or at the very least a pair of jackasses who have a somewhat decent idea as to how to survive a convention. So we’ve compiled a list that will not only help you have the best time possible but will also help everyone else around you have the best time possible. Our list is scientifically proven to be the be superior to all others so forget what you have have read elsewhere and continue downward for the real knowledge!

obssob1.Backpack: Obviously you need a place to store yo0r gear and loot. While Comic Con gives out a free bag to all the attendees I’m not a big fan of it. I prefer to bring my own messenger bag. It can store a huge amount without being burdensome to carry or take up a lot of space on the convention floor which is important given how crowded the floor can get. Realistically you don’t need a fancy bag, you just need to find the bag that best suits your needs. So figure out what your goal for the weekend is and shop accordingly for your bag!


water-bottle2. Reusable water bottle: Hydration is important, especially during  the warmer weather that you’re bound to experience in the middle of July. Having a reusable water bottle kills two birds with one stone because not only will it keep  you from being dehydrated but you’ll also save money when you’re not buying overpriced water bottles at the convention. Plus there are tons of water fountains conveniently throughout the entire convention center ensuring that you’ll always have a source of water handy! However, if you’re in a pinch you can always fill up in the bathroom sink.


635952274866945310-596997924_snacks3. Snacks: You’re going to be hungry but you’re also probably not going to have the time to acquire food in or outside the con. Whether you’re waiting in line for a panel or that must have exclusive, you’re only going to have so much time available to you and usually that time is not enough to acquire a quick bite to eat. That’s why you should come stocked with a few goodies in your pack to keep you satiated until you can hit up a food truck or something. I personally recommend the clif builder bars as they keep me decently satisfied for a good amount of time but any food is good food if you ask me!


deodorant_91aae7b471a6fbcf267f0a2ce80738744.Deodorant: This one is pretty basic. It’s hot and people will be sweating. After a fair amount of sweating we all kind of start to smell. Help reduce the stench of con funk by staying as fresh as possible. Roll through with some kind of deodorant apply every couple of hours. As someone who personally sweats a fuck ton I apply at least every 23-4 hours throughout the con.



12138645. A Spare Shirt/Change of clothes: Going back to the whole sweating at a convention theme. Sometimes you want to drink a few pints in the downtown area after the con but your shirt has some gnarly sweat stains, what do you do? You bring a clean spare shirt! I recommend bringing a button up or polo in case you want to hit up one of the parties going on in the area as a few of the venues have dress codes. Maybe even pack a blazer if you’re feeling extra stylish that evening. What kind of spare shirt you bring is up to you, just figure out what kind of night you want to have and take it from there.


vyrp13_100power-bank-5600mah-negro-batera-externa-para-mviles-16. Rechargeable Battery: Last but certainly not least is a rechargeable battery. You’re going to be spending your entire day at the convention floor and more than likely you’re going to kill your battery half way through the day if you’re lucky. While you could go off the grid once that happens chances are you’ll miss out on a lot without the use of your phone. So invest in a good power bank or battery so you don’t miss out on all the fun. Last thing you want to happen is you miss out on a sweet contest or free swag because of a dead battery.



New-Balance-1400-running-shoes7. Decent shoes (preferably walking/running shoes): I can’t tell you how many people I see with broke flip flops, festering blisters, or, worst yet, bloody feet in Birkenstocks, leaking bodily fluids while clutching their Funko Pop Exclusive. Sure, you stand in line a lot, but you walk a hell of a long way to get there. Not to mention all the walking around the Gaslight District trying to score some decent cocktails (I’m a big fan of Southpaw, near Petco Park).


With all this gear in tow you should be set to have a killer con. If you feel like there’s something we missed or just think we suck let us know in the comments or on social media!