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can crusherWhile causing a ruckus in San Diego during Comic Con this year The Emperor and I went on a special mission to try out Stern Pinball’s latest machine, The Pabst Blue Ribbon Can Crusher. A collaboration between one of America’s oldest breweries and one of it’s oldest pinball manufacturers seems like something that should have happened decades ago but is somehow only happening now in the year 2016. As to why these two iconic brands never collaborated before is beyond me but better late than never I always say! The machine itself is a retro styled work of art, perhaps paying homage to the legacy of both parties involved, that’s pretty damn addicting. No joke I almost missed the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles panel due to my inability to pull myself away from the machine on the exhibition floor. Shit happens when you party on free play I suppose! However, I did eventually manage to pull myself away from the Can Crusher but not before someone gave me the entire lowdown on this badass machine.

Here’s what the lovers of pinball and cheap beer need to know about the Can Crusher: This bad boy hit the market this past Friday so you should be seeing it at your favorite barcade very soon. The sweet and heavy soundtrack was provided by the incredible Red Fang, tour and new album out this fall! It’ll set you back a couple grand if you just have to have your own machine to put next to that sweet shag rug in the living room. Last but certainly not least, the beautiful artwork was done by the legendary Dirty Donny.  Seriously, look at this beauty!

SDCC2016004Don’t you just want to play with it? Neither Myself of the Chief could resist. Just look at the back of our heads in action!


SDCC2016003Now I’m going on a new mission to become a can crusher myself!