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san-diego-comic-con-2014San Diego Comic Con and this week and the schedule was released not too long ago. After spending an entire weekending scouring all the panels I was able to finally whittle down my list of what I would consider my “must see” panels for the week. It was a challenging task to say the least given the abundance of great programming and the lack of time to do everything. As per usual I am straying away from Hall H as that has become a quest in itself hat I don’t feel like undertaking as there is probably a queue forming as you’re reading this. Now without further ado here is are the panels I HAVE to be at.


new dayWWE and Mattel- Thursday 1PM @ Room 5 AB

WWE is showcasing a plethora of new mattel toys which in itself is exciting enough. However, given that we’re at San Diego Comic Con the powers decided to give us a little more. So attending the panel will be  everyone’s favorite tag team champions, THE NEW DAY! They would just enough but  WWE has also decided to bestow upon us, The Phenomenal One, AJ STYLES! With just these 4 attending we have more than enough star power but moderating will NXT commentator Corey Graves! I’ve only got 2 words for this panel. God. Damn.

idwIDW and Hasbro: The Revolution is now- Thursday 2PM @ Room 9
This fall IDW is shaking things up by having a major crossover event with several of their properties. Now at first glance a crossover event doesn’t seem all that revolutionary as the company has done several in the past. However, what separates this one from all the rest is it establishes all the properties involved in the same universe going forward. As to how this revolution will all workout in the long run and if other unannounced properties that IDW owns will join the fray is uncertain, all the more reason to check out the panel!


teenage-mutant-ninja-turtles-nickelodeonTeenage Mutant Ninja Turtles-Return to New York- Friday 1145 AM @ Room 6A
The Turtles are back from their outer space excursion and ready to hit the streets of New York City once again. What awaits them is unknown but you can expect to get a pretty good idea at the panel. On hand for the panel is going to be an impressive array of the shows cast, producers, and co-creator Kevin Eastman! The panel itself will be moderated by Turtles super fan Andrew Meadows aka Black Nerd on youtube!


MV5BMTc0NDY0MjY4MV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwMTA5OTQ3ODE@._V1_World Premier of Batman: The Killing Joke-Friday 9 pm @ Ballroom 20

One of the most well known Batman stories is finally being adapted into the DC Cinematic Animated Universe. More importantly it’s reuniting the two voices most well known for portraying Batman and The Joker, Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill, for what may be their final outing voicing these iconic characters together. Also on hand will be the legendary Bruce Timm as well as the likes of Tara Strong and Brian Azzarello.


john cena boomWWE: Then, Now, Forever- Saturday 6:30 PM @ Room 7AB

Earlier this year Boom Comics announced they would be working with the WWE to produce comic books based on the longtime sports entertainment companies brand. Immediately after this announcement I may or may not have shit a brick. However, details on the partnership were sparse until now! At Comic Con all will be revealed alongside a first hand look of some of the artwork and the major announcement of who will be writing the “Then, Now, Forever” book coming this November.

The_Splat.svgBack to the 90s: Nickelodeon’s All That Reunion and Legends of the Hidden Temple- Saturday 11:15 AM @ Room 6A

Nickelodeon’s 90’s throwback block is having a big panel this year. Not only are we getting a reunion from some iconic members from the sketch show All That but we are also getting the first look at the new Legends of the Hidden Temple movie. We’ve been seeing teasers at various cons for the Legends revival and now we’ll finally get some footage and one on one with the cast. it’s going to be nuts!


tumblr_nezcdimYrF1rwxz28o1_1280Ultimate TMNT Panel: Shell Games w IDW- Saturday 1PM @ Room 25ABC

The TMNT comic book is hands down my favorite comic book currently being published at the moment. Every month they knock it out of the park in both story and artwork. It’s not only an homage to every incarnation of the turtles prior but it’s also forging it’s own legacy, characters, and stories. I would argue it’s the best interpretation to date second only to perhaps the first movie. The panel is going to have the TMNT brain trust present so the future of the book will be well on display with sneak peaks galore!

rs_560x415-160407101644-1024-animaniacs-coming-to-netflix-040716Animaniacs Live!- Sunday 3PM @6DE

The Animanics was one of my favorite cartoon shows growing up, it was the perfect mix of education and comedy. The show was so good that I appreciate the humor much more now than I did as a kid as there were so many jokes that went over my head. “Fingerprints” anyone? Well the trio of Warners, or at least the voices that play them, will be embarking on a tour performing several of the hit songs from the show. However, the lucky attendees of  San Diego Comic Con will get sneak peak before the show hits the road.


Batman-Unlimited-and-crew-from-Monster-MayhemWorld Premiere of Batman Unlimited: Mechs Vs Mutants-Sunday 12:15PM @ Room 6BCF

Did someone say Batman? AND Mechs? AND Mutants? I don’t think I need to say anything else here. It’s Pacific Rim in Gotham City and if  that doesn’t excite you then you need to reassess your priorities in life. Premise of the movie is this, Mr Freeze turns Bane and Killer Croc into giant mutants that Batman must defeat with the mechs he just has lying around. Regardless of how farfetched this is you know you wanna see some god damn Bat Mechs in action.

Like my list let me know! Think my list is shit, let me know but please be gentle!