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icedteaCome on over, sit down, and enjoy a nice cool glass of iced tea with us. The MiMoCast is finally old enough to drink! We thought about being drunk for the entirety of this episode but we figure we will save that for a bit later this year. It’ll happen very soon and much like the later years of Double Dare with Marc Summers it will be super sloppy. Until then enjoy this completely sober episode where update the format a bit and cut out the fat. We’re retooling things slowing and working on our media presence to bring you a nearly complete new show before year’s end. We might actually learn to be competent on the mic while we’re at it! Don’t expect us to cut promos anytime soon but we promise that we’ll we be very adequate. Also, don’t miss the debut of our new game, Fantasy Crossover! We’re still tweaking this so give us some feedback!

Jams provided by Asian Man Records staples Classics of Love and Polysics! P.S. We recorded this episode on Monday night before the huge Marvel announcement. Expect our next episode to cover that in detail.