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Pipe Dreams
Suburban Noize

I am horrified to find this as catchy as it is. Raps flow like bong-water over old-school beats in their latest album, Pipe Dreams. With tracks “Stoner Bitch,” which, I suppose, is their version of a love song and “Hot Box Anthem,” Potluck cement that they are yet another rap duo that loves their reefer. While the multiethnic duo of UnderEstimated and 1 Ton focus on the kind of shit that I don’t really care for or about, no one can dismiss their devotion. Just as I have an undying love for dark beers and redheads, Potluck’s love for weed and chicks (and apparently nerdiness as proven by “Computer Love”) knows no bounds, and in America, no one can stop them in the pursuit of happiness. Godspeed, fellas, Godspeed.

-Jonathan Yost