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ghosts3point5.jpgMarked Men
Dirtnap Records

These guys aren’t reinventing anything here, but they’re good at what they do. With three previous albums under their belt – , they’re making a significant mark in a popular new branch of punk – that pop punk-ish wave that mixes well with garage-rock.

Their sound is reminiscent of Buzzcocks, Jay Reatard, and The Exploding Hearts. It’s all got an upbeat feel, fast paced and poppy just enough to keep your foot tappin’. Catchy riffs and solid smooth vocals – Ghosts gets a plus one for the fair amount of “Whoa”s and
“oh”s thrown in to make sing-alongs a little more possible.

Ghosts is an enjoyable and smooth listen, but the tracks do blend together – unable to maintain my attention throughout. It didn’t knock me off my feet, but Marked Men deserve credit for further developing their charming brand of punk.

-Stephanie Thornton