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hour-reprisal-ill-bill-cd-cover.jpgIll Bill
The Hour of Reprisal
Uncle Howie and Fat Beats Records

Between Ill Bill’s beats and catchy rhythm, the album had potential. The beginning of the album starts out with a choir, which is pretty risqué for being a Hip Hop artist from Brooklyn.

The first few tracks were surprisingly interesting, especially to a girl who doesn’t include rap music in any part of her daily life. The use of guitar, choirs, and orchestral recordings were pretty impressive. Ill Bill’s lyrics were brilliant, mixing modern day issues, such as war and government, with “the hood.”

As the album went on, the beats started getting slightly repetitive. But overall, this is probably one of the most intriguing rap albums I’ve ever listened to. I highly recommend buying this album!

-Damara Kautz