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82666310990.jpgRodney Dangerfield
Greatest Bits
Shout Factory

Oh, Rodney, even after you’re gone, you still get no respect. A post-humus album full of clips from various routines just drives that last nail in the coffin, doesn’t it? Don’t get me wrong, there are some great one liners (I only get women because of who I am: a rapist), but the problem with trying this with a comedy album is that it breaks up the rhythm. I give props to Shout Factory for the attempt, but comedy routines are often looked at as a whole, and when you take out bits of pieces of them and stitch them together, it’s uglier than Rodney ever could have been. I see this as a useful tool for aspiring comedians, but other than that, stay home and rent Back to School or Caddyshack. Or even Summer School. I know Rodney wasn’t in it, but it was still funny.

-Jonathan Yost