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gonna miss itModern Baseball
You’re Gonna Miss It All
Run For Cover Records
Rating: 9/10
Release Date: 2/11/14


Modern Baseball released their debut album “Sports” towards the end of 2012 but it wouldn’t really begin to get notice until a few months into 2013.  As the word spread about how good the album was the band started to develop a strong following in the scene, finally able to tour in places they had never been before and selling out shows from coast to coast. Then a little over a year after the debut of the full length they announced they would be releasing their follow up in early 2014. This time around the band would get the proper promotional campaign for their release coupled with an already sizable fan base as well as an upcoming tour with The Wonder Years to help build the hype for the release.  A week after the album made it’s debut it was able to chart on Billboard 200, placing at 84 with 4,473 copies sold in it’s first week.

For good reason too, the album is spectacular. I hate using the phrase ” grow up” in regards to musicians and the musical output they create because ideally we are always growing in some way, shape, or form as we get older so it’s expected of a band that plans on not becoming repetitive. With that in mind, the music the band creates hasn’t changed drastically but it’s lyrical content for the most part has. Granted they’re still the same awkward people they were before but now they’re older and relationships from the past have evolved! Relationships, both starting them as well as ending them, can be a bit difficult no matter what age you are. So taking that constant into account the band should have plenty of lyrical material for years to follow, unless they get married or something. Then all bets are off!

The only real negative thing I have to say about the song lies with the song “Going to Bed Now.” Lyrically it’s a great song but the country music vibe slightly kills it for me, not because I don’t enjoy that kind of music but because i feel it doesn’t suit them at all. Even with that minor flaw in mind it doesn’t stop me from enjoying the record.

If you enjoyed “Sports” to any degree than you should pick up “You’re Gonna Miss It All.” It’s a worthy sophomore release that has solidified that Modern Baseball should have a long and fruitful career ahead of them. Even if you haven’t given the band a fair listen before then this is a solid record to start with.