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Wasted Monuments
No Idea Records

Orlando Florida’s Gatorface has created a very solid album with their recent release, Wasted Monuments. While not the strongest release of the year so far, it is one that definitely packs a punch in comparison to some of the competition out there.

I will say this right now, as far as musicianship goes Gatorface’s performance on this album is very tight and aggressive, second only to perhaps the Flatliners. They continuously deliver furious punk rock on each track that at times I kind of want to stage dive in my own room. To reassure the New Mexican Disaster Squad fans, Gatorface delivers just as much intensity as NMDS did, so not to worry. My only real complaint is that as the listener, we get screwed with the intro track being its own separate track. So instead of getting 13 tracks we really get 12, which I find to be bit of a bummer.

Something I did notice that irked me, but not enough to stop me from enjoying the album, was that at times it felt like Alex was still not yet comfortable performing a majority of the vocals on the album. I feel that this however will change with a bit more touring and most likely won’t even be a problem come Gatorface’s next release.

Overall, I recommend you check out Wasted Monuments, its not something you need to rush out and pre-order, but if you don’t get it before 2010 is over you will have officially fucked up for the year.

Armando Olivas