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12_Inch_TemplateDesert Mountain Tribe
Either That Or The Moon
Metropolis Records

What the hell is this? Shoegaze surf? Eighties goth chill-out? I don’t fucking know. It ain’t bad, whatever it is. I mean, ain’t great, but ain’t bad.

Pros: unobtrusive as can be, I had this on while doing a bunch of other shit and it didn’t annoy me. You know how some music seems to be waving its cock about, begging for you to pay attention to it? Yea, this ain’t that. The band seems to be doing this for them, not for you. Listen, or don’t, they’ll be here jamming.

Cons: Shit tons of reverb and chorus effects on literally every instrument. I imagine the guitarist’s pedal board has more technology than what got Neil and Buzz to the moon. I bet the band’s creation went something like this: “Hey, man. You know how James Iha used to do these really trippy guitar solos? Let’s just do that.”