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ecsr_albumcover_f.jpgEddy Current Suppression Ring
Self Titled
Goner Records

This sounds like ass. I love it. It’s simple, fun and not particularly good. It’s reminiscent of snotty British (Though they’re Australian. Australian, British, fucking…Belgian, I don’t know fucking accents.) punks that you can barely comprehend. I’m pretty sure there was a song about vegetables and ice cream, though. This American release of their Australia-only debut EP sounds like it was made in 1979, not 2006. At 3-4 minutes each, the songs lose their charm pretty quickly, though. I mean, honestly, a four-and-a-half minute long punk song? Jesus. I’m at a loss for words here, I mean, that’s it. Imagine you and your band buddies getting drunk in your garage, setting up a four track and coming up with rhyming jams about rocky road and you’ve pretty much just made this album.

–Jonathan Yost