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GD30OB2-N.cdrThe Good Life
Everybody’s Coming Down
Saddle Creek (because of course it is)
8/10 if you want music to make you feel things
0/10 if you want music to make you feel things.

I’ve said it before, there’s no fucking reason Tim Kasher needs three separate bands to sing about how terrified he is of adulthood and relationships. I get it, your friends are doing better than you in some areas, your friends are doing worse than you in some areas, and it all boils down to you having no idea what it means to be a grownup. FINE. I GET IT.

Yet another album of Tim Kasher worrying about fucking it all up. Great. Good. And yet, I can’t stop listening to Everybody’s coming down. Seriously, I’ve listened to it every day for a fucking week.

I fucking hate how good he is at making me feel feelings.

Everybody’s Coming Down is billed as being “more rock than any other Good Life album,” which isn’t hard when every other Good Life record made me an useful pile of angsty shit. But, there are some sweet riffs (Holy Shit has a sweet 80’s hair band riff that would make my dad proud), but at the core, it’s not breaking any boundaries. There’s still songs about relationships gone to shit, how utterly small and insignificant we are, and the suffocating realization that the universe “can’t give a shit.”