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Captain, We’re Sinking
It’s A Trap
Kind of Like Records

Holy shit. Friends of The Menzingers, Captain, We’re Sinking make sure that their amigos don’t lose cred by hanging with squares. In this 4 track  EP, CWS shreds through it, obliterating my ears for 12 minutes. Well, the EP is 12 minutes, but I had it on for THREE HOURS without getting bored with the same four jams.

Playing at The Fest 8 is no surprise, but the fact that they aren’t bigger than they are is. Punk pop in the highest form, CWS bring catchy jams that are made for cheap beers and good friends to get together and sing along at the top of their lungs.

Just, just go buy it. I’m going to rock this shit out some more.

-Jonathan Yost