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Things Are Not Alright
Goner Records

When you drink, the words you THINK are the lyrics rarely are. CoCoComa has found out that when you have this weird rockabilly-esque vibrato to your voice, it makes the lyrics less clear and I will be singing along with the wrong words. For example, “Suspicious” became “Surf Ninjas” very quickly. To make matters worse, me and this Johnnie Walker think we have the better lyrics.

However, wrong lyrics aside, this thing is exceptionally catchy. I am bouncing around and I am fucking tired and not so sober. I don’t know who’s idea it was to stick an organ in there, but it was a brilliant move. CoCoComa are not making it easy to define them the more I think about it. The keys, the howl-y vocals, the skate-punk beats and the gang vocals take different aspects from a shit ton of bands and wrangle them into their own sound. Good work, fellas.

–Jonathan Yost