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Top Ten Metal Hair Styles

metalmullet.png10. The Metal Mullet- The combination of the two single greatest hairstyles ever invented. It’s metal in the front and a trailer party in the back. They say the hair picks the man, and not the other way around. This sleek and slender cut was made famous by Jason Newsted of Metallica, and there’s no question that this stylish hair-doo helped him fill Cliff’s shoes.

longandstraight.png9. Long and Straight- Aerodynamically perfect for pulling off a symmetrical head windmill all the while performing a simultaneous sweep on your Jackson flying V. A hard life on the road makes up keep on this hair style near impossible, but that just goes to show the dedication these metal gods go through day in and day out.

thedee.png8. The Dee – Well there is no other possible way to name this unique cut. Purely named after the screaming, articulate, cross dresser who wore the cut to fame. And who also saved metal from Tipper Gore in the 80’s.

metaldreads.png7. Metal Dreadlocks- Somehow Shadows fall singer Brian Fair has the head strength to hall around what must be nearly 15 pounds of hair that reach the back of his knees and head bang too. A man who has devoted his life to his hair, as well as bridging the gap between metal and Rastafarian clearly deserves to be on the list…Devotion.

nohair.png6. The No Hair- Trading a life style full of what probably would have been a luscious head of hair for a nicely braided goatee combined with the terrifying tattoos going down his head, Slayer guitarist Kerry King rocks this cut-less cut with valor. And I dare anyone out there to make fun of him for it…

metalhawk.png5. The Metal Hawk- For the everyday metal head, this sleek cut provides its wearer with a sophisticated style oh so sorely missed in the metal scene. It’s good for any occasion, but sadly lacks the ability to perform a proper windmill.

teased.png4. The Teased Cut- Simply put the time, pain, and dedication necessary for a glam rocker to maintain this cut day in and day out ranks it this high on the list.

curls.png3. The Curls- What top 10 list isn’t complete without the godly curls of Slash? Genetically designed to boost finger speed and riffage, these curls have yet to disappoint (except for when G ‘n’R went unplugged).

viking.png2. The Viking Cut- This is without a doubt the most metal thing ever, so metal in fact that a cut like this could never have happened outside of Scandinavia. The hair fuses perfectly with the beard and mustache to form a trifecta of awesomeness most peoples fragile ears will never be able to handle.

perfection.png1. Perfection- My god that’s a beautiful head of hair…Just look how the bangs drape gently over his eyes yet narrowly avoid the line of site of where his fret board will be once he takes the stage. The only thing more marvelous than his luscious head of hair is guitarist Dave Mustaines complex guitar riffs and awesome solo’s, all the while tackling duties as lead singer. As I said before, the hair chooses the man, and not the other way around, and this is the man for the job.

–Austin Love.