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illmondo-cover-300x300.jpgIll Mondo
Neal Rames!
Ill Mondo Records

It’s always good to get a Hip Hop record that cares more about lyricism and expression than creating dance cuts and “getting that dolla”. Ill Mondo’s production, coupled with Neal Rames’ fluid vocals wind their way through a variety of tempos and styles. While it may not be making them booties shake, it sure as fuck will find it’s way onto my party mixes, especially the track Natalie Moore, which has just the right amount of head-swaying drive without screaming for attention.

I’ve listened to this a few times now, once while cleaning some shit up, once while writing some articles, and once while doing some reading, and it fits in while doing ALL of those. It’s a catchy fucking album, and I hope that they can keep it up.

–Jonathan Yost