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born-from-pain-album.jpgBorn From Pain
Metal Blade Records

As awesome as the metal may sound coming out of your amps, unfortunately it only sounds like the same song on repeat coming out of my speakers. They represent the definition of the hardcore genre, so I give them that much.

This energetic band hails from the Netherlands, where everything seems to be free and liberal, which explains why their album is anti- government and world leadership. Survival represents the growing chaos and corruption our world is being exposed to and how our governments are reacting to these desperate times. The introduction to the song “Final Collapse” consists of a super long and super creepy fictitious newscast explaining a new technology to promote a worldwide plan of ethnic cleansing, which is aimed to leave us questioning our own political leaders. Overall, with songs with names like “Under False Flag,” “The Wolves are Loose,” “Zeitgeist,” “Endgame,” and “Zero Hour,” they’re message seems to be stronger than the music.

-Damara Kautz