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Sunstock Solar FestivalSolar power has come a long fucking way. No longer relegated to the world of science fiction, solar power has been embraced by shoeless hippies and doomsday preppers alike. And now, in the newest step towards not using liquid dino death as fuel, Sunstock enters as the first music festival entirely run off of solar power. Yup. The sun can now kick out the muthafuckin’ jams. Though the festival will be powered by batteries with some stored sun-juice, founder (and Trapdoor Social member) Skylar Funk (which is a cool-as-hell name, FYI) says, “photovoltaics actually still produce a good amount of power, even in cloud cover!” I’ve made it a point never argue with someone who uses the word “photovoltaics.”

Headlined by Cults, Wavves, and the Allah-Lahs (because who else but surfy shoegaze jam bands would make more sense), Sunstock aims to shoe the unlimited potential for solar energy in a world that desperately needs it. Sunstock aims to “strengthen the sustainability movement, by inspiring with solar powered music and art, and by exposing festival-goers to our non-profit partners and their work,” according to Funk. And, since it’s yet another festival that ends in -stock, there will be artisan vendors, food trucks, and art installations. Oh, and a bar for those 21+. Since some of the major sponsors include Coldcock Whiskey, Tito’s Handmade Vodka, Tsingtao, and Lagunitas, I assume there will be a ton of weird concoctions for you to get shitbagged on, I mean, enjoy responsibly. For those non-boozers, there should also be tons of High Brew Cold Brew Coffee and Health-Ade Kombucha to help level up your hippie badges. There’s also plenty of family fun if you aren’t a hippie or degenerate. I mean, even if you are, you can still have some family fun, I suppose.

Funk adds, “We are definitely advocates of clean power for the people. Not just the people who can afford to put it on their homes, either! That’s why our partner GRID Alternatives is so great – they install solar in low-income communities. Either way, yes, the masses deserve clean power, because the masses will be hit hardest by climate change if we keep using so much fossil fuels!” So, stop clinging to liquid dead dinosaurs as your preferred energy supply, because the sun is infinitely more badass. And cheap. Like, free. Like, it costs nothing past the solar panels. WHY THE HELL AREN’T WE ALL USING SOLAR PANELS?!

When: Saturday, June 18th
Where: The Autry in Griffith Park
Who: Cults, Waaves, Allah-Lahs, Kaki King, The Big Pink, Trapdoor Social,  Yoya, Gateway Drugs
How Much: Only $20, which rules pretty good.
Follow: @SunstockSolFest