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olympus-ls10-recorder.jpgRacket was given an excellent opportunity to test a new personal pocket recorder released this year by Olympus. I didn’t know what areas our readers would best apply such a device to, but I put it through a series of painful and difficult tests (basically, I just fucked with it for a month).

I was amazed at some of the results I was able to obtain and the versatility of this thing. The recorder was great at large and small room recording as well as having some of the best bass response I have ever heard from a pocket recorder. I figure I could go into all the neat and nerdy things I had then found to do with it….. but then The Emperor reminded me of one simple fact…….. no one gives a damn about technical terms they don’t know. So I figured I would make it as simple and useful as I can for out Racket readers!

Potential Uses

  • Recording your would-be band at home: Definitely not worth your money, more than likely you are going to need that money for strings and beer, and your stoner buddy probably thinks he’s the shit cause he has an Mbox……. Use and abuse this resource.

  • Personal recorder for a soloist, or commercial player for ideas: An excellent use and more than likely you’re going to get your money’s worth. It’s great at cutting out background noise so you can record whatever ideas you have when you have them.
  • Bootleg audio from a concert: Of course we would never suggest doing something illegal with this item……. I’m flat out telling you to do it. This is where this device impressed me the most. It’s great for small or big venues and you’re going to get a quality sound, not that crap you record on your voicemail. It retails $300-ish but reasonably you can find it for $235 or less and if you go to a lot of shows it will make holding onto those memories pleasant and easy.
  • Recording you classroom lectures or conversations: Save your money and go get a $70 flash recorder from Best Buy.
  • Doing interviews: If you’re serious about doing them, then yes. The stereo microphones are set up so that you don’t have to move the recorder back and forth and it will still cut all the extra noise out. Plus it holds a ton of tracks and just looks spiffy.
  • Sound for celebrity sex tapes: Fuck sound, you need to get an HD camcorder. That grainy night vision shit won’t fly anymore. Time to move into the 21st century.

Hope this helps you in your quest for whatever you’re trying to record when you’re not playing Gears of War 2.

Yours truly,
Pat, The Tech Guru