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Scott Pilgrim Vs The World
Universal Pictures
Dir: Edgar Wright

Spoiler Alert: This movie fucking rules. Now, my criteria for movies has always been: explosions, hot chicks, well-choreographed fight scenes. Done and done. While Michael Cera still channels his best Wonder Years’ Kevin Arnold-esque awkwardness, he takes his first real step past being typecast with insane fight scenes, the hottest love interest for him yet: Ramona Flowers, portrayed by Mary Elizabeth Winsted. I call nexties, Scott. Also, his character is actually kind of an asshole.

Cera’s portrayal of the Oni Press character is as good as to be expected from the typecast star, as is Edgar Wright’s perfect run as director. The Canadian author’s comic, along with the British director and the vastly American cast come together to bring you a movie that, just as the marketing campaign would have you believe, is epic as fuck.

As Scott plows through the League of Evil Exes, the fight scenes just get more outrageous. If you didn’t know, here’s a run down of the exes, feel free to print it out and laminate it:

  • Matthew Patel – Mystic who can call forth Demon Hipster Chicks, Bollywood-level dance moves…and fireballs.
  • Lucas Lee – Skater turned action star (Like Jason Lee, but if he never met Kevin Smith) played perfectly by Chris Evans. And his stunt team.
  • Todd Ingram – Vegan asshole who thinks being  vegan makes you better than others. Sooo….just like 90% of vegans I know.
  • Roxanne “Roxie” Richter – Bland Ann from Arrested Development is apparently some kind of punk lesbian football player with a crazy sword-whip thing as a belt.
  • Ken & Kyle Katayanagi – The credits have them listed as Shota Saito and Keita Saito, but I’m fairly certain these synth-playing twins were played by Meg & Dia.
  • Gideon Gordon Graves – Jason Schwartzmann’s run SERIOUSLY tapped into his inner hipster to play this twat of an ex.

With plenty of subtle word play and not so subtle references to Seinfeld, this is the age-old story of a man’s quest to get the girl, but done with style, humor and, eerr, hot hipsters. I lesbian this movie.

-Jonathan “The Emperor” Yost