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When I first saw Motion City Soundtrack, I yelled, "Who wants some!" Motion City Soundtrack’s guitarist Josh stepped to the plate. I think he handled it alright, what do you think?


Racket Jonathan: Alright, hombre, have you ever taken one for the team?
Motion City Soundtrack Josh: Maybe.
RJ: Maybe you did, but it was so fucking awful you blocked it out?
MCSJ: Yea, I don’t really have any profound memory of taking one for the team, maybe I made someone else do it.

RJIf you could be the main character in Brokeback Mountain, whom would you choose and why?
MCSJ:  You know, I don’t really want to be beat on the side of a road, so I’d be Heath Ledger.

RJWould you ever fuck a wookie?
MCSJ:  I don’t know.
RJWhat if you were a wookie, too?
MCSJ:  Oh, then for sure.
RJSo you like hairy chicks?
MCSJ:  For sure.

RJDo you think that the Mars Volta is supposed to be boring on purpose, or is it just an accident?
MCSJ:  I think it could be both.

RJIf you could get drunk with any member of the Iraqi Parliament, whom would you choose?
MCSJ: Well, I don’t drink, so that would be tough to do. I don’t have an answer to that. 

RJIf you had a bomb, do you think the guys in Pantera would hang out with you?
MCSJ:  I don’t know, what’s with Pantera and bombs?

RJNothing, just if I had a bomb, I’d really hope it would entice Pantera to hang out with me. If you found out the local band opening for you was called Bleeding From the Hole in My Heart and they all had reverse mullet haircuts and ear gauges, would you kick their ass before the show, or wait for them in the parking lot afterwards?
MCSJ:  I probably wouldn’t kick their ass, but I wouldn’t watch them.

RJAre you a pacifist?
MCSJ:  Yea.
MCSJ:  Well, I’ve never hit anyone.
RJWhy not?
MCSJ:  Never had to.

RJFighting people rules! Do you think that Danny Devito’s vote only counts half?
MCSJ:  Because he’s so short? Maybe.

RJAre you a pretty pretty princess?
MCSJ:  Yea, that’s an interesting question.

RJDo you have any wacky stories involving Chinese food?
MCSJ:  Not Chinese food, but Japanese food. Well, no, just going to Japanese places and eating crab brains and shit.
RJThey have these places where you can go and eat off of naked chicks, would you be into that?
MCSJ:  That would make me feel weird.
RJLike climbing the rope in gym class? Do you feel weird around naked chicks in general?
MCSJ: No, just the ones I’m eating off of at a restaurant. 

RJAre you an omnivore?
MCSJ:  I’m a pescetarian.

RJ:  Fish eater? Interesting. Ahi and naked girls, kind of a double shot there, huh? Don’t you think that the NSA tapping your phone call is just like free three way calling?
MCSJ:  Kind of, yea, if you have something to say to them, it’s an easy way to get it done.

RJIf they want to know what bar I’m hitting up tonight, I’ll let ‘em know. R. Kelley: Civil Rights hero or pervert?
MCSJ:  Pervert.
RJ: OK, Peace.

-By Jonathan Yost