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The Rasmus is a band that Racket’s Supreme Pope of Scene Journalism gets a hard on for. They’re Finnish and sort-of-but-not-really metal. Racket asked The Rasmus’ fans for some questions and got a shit-ton of responses. Here are a few questions from take two of our interview with The Rasmus’ lead singer, Lauri. Why take two? Take one ended in a hailstorm of static and shitty connections between our two countries, that’s why, you nosy little brats.


The Rasmus Lauri: Hello?
Racket Jonathan: Hey, man. Just to give you a heads up, this time around, I ditched some lame-ass questions we were asking and instead hit up your fans on the forums – these are mostly from them. First up, what is the most painful experience you can recall?
TRL: Lot of things happen when we play live. Once I fell from the stage. It was a very slippery stage, and this may sound like a joke, but it’s not. Well, it was a very slippery stage, and I built up a lot of speed and did a knee slide, and I fell down from the stage. These things happen all the time. Every time we play live, it’s very spontaneous, pretty violent sometimes. It’s a lot of fun, because you don’t know what’s going to happen. I’ve also had many bruises from the bass and guitar because those guys, you never know what’s going to happen. They’re all over the place. Also, I had some pain when I had my tattoos done. It’s part of the whole thing, you know?

RJ: Is there anything about your bandmates that you envy?
TRL: Well, I envy Eero’s patience. I am very impatient, alright, in a good way. I can decide quickly, but also, I can make a lot of mistakes because of that. I like to work spontaneously also. Pauli, the guitarist, I envy his capability of seeing things from the outside. I am very blind to my own doings; sometimes I feel like I’m repeating myself, and it’s hard for me to see myself from another perspective. It’s good to realize things about yourself, instead of being an asshole. Fortunately I have two people in my life who will tell me that every once in a while.

RJ: Those are a good kind of people to have around. What is your favorite place to drive around?
TRL: I have this summer place not too far from Helsinki, so that’s my hideaway place, and I like to drive around there. I actually hate driving in traffic. I have a bicycle that I use more than my car. I’d rather take my bicycle.
RJ: On driving, who is the worst driver in the band?
TRL: Umm, it could be me. I think I’m the meanest one with the license. I get all excited to hit the gas. That could be a bit dangerous for the other people driving with me.

RJ: Have you ever kissed a fan on the mouth?
TRL: Well, I’m not sure if these people are fans or not.

RJ: Gross. What is the most expensive thing you have ever purchased?
TRL: My house. I’m building a house at this moment.
RJ: Are you building it yourself or are you paying to have it built?
TRL: I’m paying somebody to build it for me, but I did half of the design for it myself.

RJ: Lauri’s dream house! Is there going to be any pets in your house?
TRL: No.
RJ: Do you hate animals?
TRL: I’m afraid of animals. I’m worried that if I had any animals in the house, they would be dead in one month. I’m actually stupid for building a house, because I’m never there.

RJ:  What songs are you going to sing in the shower?
TRL: Tom Waits. Probably “You’re Innocent When You Dream.”
RJ: Do you try to get your voice all gravely and shitty sounding.
TRL: Yea, I try to make it more like that.

RJ: What do you read while you’re on the crapper?
TRL: I don’t read. I hate it when people read in there. Like 90% of human beings are reading something in there, and I don’t like that because, well, do your thing and get the hell out of the smell. I don’t like my smell. It stinks.

RJ: Who would win in an epic battle: Lordi or GWAR?
TRL: I think Lordi, because they can be evil monsters and they can be nice monsters, they have that skill.
RJ: You are so wrong! GWAR’s got years of practice in the metal arts; Lordi’s just posers.
TRL: They’re also old monsters.

RJ: Whatever. What gives you the most inspiration to write music?
TRL: Well, traveling, getting to see a lot of things, every day it’s different. That’s a good start for inspiration. Also, I am a very good listener, and I like to listen to people when they open their heart.

RJ: Do you think in Finnish or English?
TRL: Finnish.
RJ:  That’s so weird! How many languages can you speak.
TRL: English, Finnish and some Swedish.

RJ: Hmph. What is your worst habit?
TRL: Smoking.

RJ: Has there been any moments in your career where you thought maybe you’ve made the wrong choice?
TRL: Well, everything has led us to another thing. Somehow I believe that this is my destiny. You have to thank people for wrong choices sometimes. Things have been very spontaneous for us, we’ve changed our style. Like in one year we started to play completely different music, than in another year we started playing something else, and that’s perhaps when we started the band, we were just sixteen. At that age, your mind’s changing all the time anyways. It’s just a waste of time to be looking back at what you’ve done wrong, instead of looking towards tomorrow.

RJ: Well, you don’t like looking back at yourself, what about others? What point in history are you most interested in?
TRL: I’ve been reading a bunch of stuff on the 17th century, especially what happened in Scandinavia. There was plenty of witchcraft and witch hunts going on and many brutal things that went down. A song called “Lucifer’s Angel” was almost completely inspired by these books. I like to know where I’m coming from. I’ve got a lot to learn, but I don’t think a lot of people know their history too well.

RJ: To finish this interview off, tell me about your favorite alcoholic beverage.
TRL: We have this thing in Finland, it’s been around for maybe a couple of years now, it’s called Fifu. F-I-F-U. It’s a vodka and licorice thing. It’s the greatest. It’s strong because it’s vodka, but it’s also strong because of the licorice. It’s really deadly, I just like the taste. If someone comes to Finland, I will usually buy someone this drink. It’s a very Scandinavian drink.
RJ: Alright, man, I’m done.