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2.jpgI hate clothing brands. I don’t understand why you would have a shirt that just says “ADIDAS” or “Champion,” so when Wesley told me that Toy Machine sent us shirts, I was not really excited. That is, until I saw that that only a couple of the shirts had the words Toy Machine on them, instead they had some sick fucking monsters on ‘em! Now, Racket’s got monsters on our site, so of course I was down. I’ve gotta admit, I feel pretty cool when I walk into a place with the Cyclops shirt and get compliments, I’m not used to them, I’m used to trying to get my drink as fast as possible and get the hell out of the way. Plus, there’s an added bonus of not being thrift store duds, so the quality is actually, you know, good. So, I have to admit, that for a skateboard company, they have some killer threads.

Even though they probably won’t be free for you (hey, we never know,) paying for such coolness may be an option. No, seriously, they’re that good.


-Photos/Article by The Emperor.
-Model – Wesley
-Cat – Bragnadarr The Troll Eater