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Stolen from http://kilo943.com/pic-of-the-day/terrible-8th-birthday-cake/ who probably stole it from someone else.

Well, you’ve gone another year without dying. That’s pretty cool, considering how easy it is to actually die. But the longer you go on not getting murdered, the less presents you get, which is kind of lame. I’m here to correct that, at least from a culinary standpoint. I mean, I’m not going to give you anything, but Racket’s Laura Gaddy and I have conducted intensive research into getting the most (burritos) out of life (or corporations).

Now, most of these require sign-up for whatever club/mailing list/market research thingie they have in place, but it’s TOTALLY WORTH IT. Do what I do and have an email address solely dedicated to marketing garbage, so you won’t miss that special email from your internet dating website of choice. Look, if you’re trying to get tons of free birthday dinners, you’re either single, with someone as broke as you, or, like me, are REALLY, REALLY CHEAP.

Anyways, here’s the list of what we’ve found in the Southern California area. I’m sure there’s some local businesses and some East Coast/Pacific Northwest/Midwest/Southern places near you that are also ready to chuck a free side of cheese-covered tater tots at you, but we can’t do the work for everybody.

  • Acupulco– Free entrée within a two-week window of your birthday. I’m not saying that you could re-use said coupon, but I AM saying that they don’t mark down your info.
  • Baskin Robins Free cone within a one-week window.
  • Benihana’s– Certificate up to $30 for month of your wonderful birth. This is a big winner, and so are you.
  • Black Angus– Free steak dinner (well, you have to go with someone that pays) with a two-week window.
  • Carrows– Free dessert of choice. 2 Week window from date of print.
  • Coldstone Creamery– Free ice-cream creation with a two-week window. Location specific, however.
  • Daphne’s Greek Café Free entrée.
  • Dave and Buster’s– $10 credit for signing up, $20 birthday bonus.
  • Del Taco- Free Premium shake. Print out coupon for location.
  • El Torito Free Entrée. Delicious! Two-week window, similar to Acapulco’s deal.
  • Fire+Ice Mongolian BBQ Free Buffet when someone else goes with you and buys something.
  • Medieval Times– Free ticket mailed to you for use during your birth month.
  • Red Robin Any burger of choice with a two-week window with a coupon emailed to you.
  • Rubios– Up to $7 entrée with a two-week window. Acupulco status again.
  • Ruby Tuesday’s– Free burger. Two week window.

Now, you should be able to eat like a king with this load, but being the college student/cheapskate/retail employee that you are, I’m sure that you have found a few more. Feel free to leave your finds in the comments section below.