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Who doesn’t love the smell of silicone in the morning? Celebrities definitely do. For your reading pleasure, ME Clinic did a roundup collection of the top ten worst celebrity plastic surgeries, and here they are.

10. Tara Reid– confirmed to have body contouring/liposuction and breast implants. Of course it’s confirmed, we all saw the scars when her dress “accidentally” fell off her shoulder.  Please. That was no accident and we all know it. Go back to Taradise.

9. Brittany Murphy– rumored to have lip injections. Inject all the fat into your lips that you want, Brittany. You’re still going to look like a trailer-park reject no matter what you do.

8. Carrot Top-rumored procedures brow lift, Botox, chemical peels and steroids. If his goal was to become a female, Carrot Top was successful. Otherwise, he just looks like an overly surprised tranny.

7. Bruce Jenner
-rumored to have nose job, cheek implants, chin implant, and face-lifts. Next to Joan Rivers, I think he has one of the most fear-inspiring faces on this planet.

6. Pamela Anderson-confirmed breast implants, rumored Botox. Some people say Pam Anderson is the hottest woman in the world. If you like overly perky, oddly placed fake boobs in your face. Which most people do.

5. Jessica Simpson– confirmed lip injections and nose job, rumored breast implants. It’s also been speculated (by me) that she has gotten reverse liposuction, and had fat pumped into her body. Silly Jessica, that’s not how plastic surgery works!

4. Heidi Montag– confirmed to have breast implants, lip injections and rhinoplasty. You’re still not pretty. Or smart. Or even worthy of life.

3. Ashlee Simpson-confirmed nose job, rumored Botox, brow lift, and chin reduction. Apparently Ashlee is competing with Jessica for the award for most surgeries by the age of 30. It’s a good thing, too. Ashlee needs all the surgery she can get.

2. Posh Spice
-confirmed breast implants, rumored Botox and lip injections.  Is there anyone in the world who is shocked by this? This chick is practically a robot, it’s only fitting that the rest of her is artificial as well.

1. Michael Jackson-rumored to have skin lightening, Botox, face-lifts and nose jobs. Rumored? Really?  I know it’s not classy to speak ill of the dead, but we can all just look at your face and tell. Don’t “rumor” me. And besides, I never said I was classy to begin with.  Actually, forget the whole list, Michael Jackson deserves all ten spots.

Augment on, my celebrities. We’re all waiting with bated breath to see the next “deviated septum” surgery.

–Cortney Long