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lovegrenades.jpgElizabeth Wight, writer and creatively-driven mind, is the do-it-yourself front woman for the electro driven band, Love Grenades. She started developing her brainchild two years ago as a side project, which eventually became her full-time gig. Wight was heavily influenced by dance-punk band Le Tigre in forming the sound of Love Grenades. She writes, records, and arranges all the music by herself on her Pro Tools set up at home…Daniel Bedingfield style. From here, she began to share her music with others, attracting collaborators and producers such as electro producer, Sam Sparrow, as well as producer and DJ, Photek.

Although Wight enjoys writing and performing electronic dance music, she considers herself an anti-rave person- “When people were going to raves, I was going to punk shows.” Even so, this does not stop her from keeping the crowd going during her high-energy dancing during shows.

When Love Grenades is not being made in the bedroom, Wight and the rest of the band, including Finch drummer Andrew Marcogliese, play shows in the LA area and tour frequently. I had spoken to Wight before one of her shows at the Viper Room. She mentioned that she just got back from touring parts of the west coast including Seattle, Reno, Portland, and San Francisco and was anxious to leave for Germany to play some shows, one of the centers of electro music.

Check out more Love Grenades on Facebook and MySpace at www.myspace.com/lovegrenades. You can also follow them on Twitter (@love_grenades).

–Kateri Lirio