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TTT promoThe Chicago trio Their/They’re/There started their California tour this past Tuesday at the Echo in Los Angeles. The show was not only their first date on this run but also the first time the band had played California. Although this was his first, and hopefully not last, appearance at The Echo vocalist/bassist Evan Weiss is no stranger to California or The Echo having just played here back in February with his other other other( he’s in a lot of bands) band “Into It. Over It”. While the previous show was an early show this week’s affair was a late show. It seems like the man just can’t win when it comes to timing at The Echo.

Despite the late start time the show looked to be a good one. With two fantastic EPs under their belt and tons of talent gushing between the three of them all a late set time really meant was that the morning after was going to suck. Totally worth it for a killer performance if you ask me.

TTT Set11 PM!? But I’m tired!

ttt_theecho_001Opening the night was The Down House, one of two openers that hailed from the Bay Area. Still not sure why two Bay area bands were chosen as support for an LA show but I’ve seen stranger things so I choose not to look into it too much. This was also their first show outside of the Bay area, I suppose the night was just full of first times for everyone.  I was intrigued by the band. Not normally my standard listening fare but the new song they played seemed like something I could really get into. I’ll stay tuned to see what they come up with.


After a fairly quick set change Creative Adult took the stage. Again, not really my thing but I won’t hate on them. They put a lot of energy into their set and had some fun. So I can’t knock a band for giving it their all even if it’s something I’m just not into. They were just trying to sell a cheeseburger to a vegan and that just ain’t happening. Once they finished up their set came the prolonged wait for the headliner. Usually this is where half an hour feels like an eternity. Thankfully the time flew by rather quickly and the band even finished their set up a few minutes early. Maybe they were antsier to get on stage than the crowd was to watch them.

Definitely not a bad thing to be honest. Given that I am not the patient type I welcomed the quick set up time. Once their gear was set up the band regrouped off stage quickly before coming back out to deliver their set.

ttt_theecho_010The band played their entire discography that night, which wasn’t too unbelievable given that they only have nine songs. They even added two covers into the mix, one of which was planned and the other they were goaded into when the audience wouldn’t leave without an encore. The only reason the band didn’t play any longer was because they simply didn’t know how to play anymore songs.However, all the Smashmouth jokes they made in between songs probably added up to about 3 songs so I am not complaining too much. Although I would have killed to hear them cover all star. I was like 11 when that song came out, sue me.

I was able to pick up a shirt before leaving for the night and catching up with Evan on some upcoming tour dates with Into It. Over It. later on in the year. As I made the drive home the rush of seeing such a great set kept me awake the entire 40 minutes. My only real complaint was that I wish the openers were a bit of a better fit with Their/They’re/There. Neither of them flowed too well with them and made for an interesting vibe all night. Either way I would still endure the lack of sleep all over again if given the option.

If you’re kicking yourself for missing this line up you still have a chance to see them this Friday at the Che Cafe. This time opening will be a special Into it. Over it and Owen performing special acoustic sets. So you definitely want to be there!

(Photos Courtesy of Jeanette Hernandez)