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The Saint Alvia Cartel
Self Titled
Stomp Records

The first time I listened to the record, I could care less. The second time I spun it, I couldn’t wait to hear it again. This same thing happened with The Lawrence Arms. I hated ‘em at first, and as time went by, each song began to speak to me in a new and unique way from the one before. Yes, yes, to all the people who told me I should have liked the Lawrence Arms right off, you were right, now leave me alone. Easily shifting from ska-riffs to punk breakdowns to reggae beats, TSAC navigates each one well. I listened to the entire thing without wondering when it would be over, I just listened to it. At 13 tracks, it’s a solid album, and I am stoked on it. As good as their CD is, I hope that the live show is even better.

-Jonathan Yost