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LOBBYToday we bring you a brand new podcast, as if we needed another, hosted by friend Mike and myself. This new endeavor between the two of us is simply titled the MiMoCast. What he hope to accomplish with our podcast is to bring entertaining and stimulating discussions of pop culture topics rooted in the nerd realm. Of course there will also be silly antics and a fairly high level of idiocy given that yours truly is involved. Given that the creation of this podcast was a spur of the moment idea I had we decided to give ourselves a somewhat easy topic for our first episode, summer movies!

We picked some trailers for movies that look to be big hits and gave our initial reactions on them. Could these movies suck once we actually see them? Probably, but for the moment we are excited. As the movies hit theatres we will review in future episodes of the podcast, assuming we make it past this first one of course.

Discussed in this episode are the following trailers

Gotham( not a movie but we had to talk about it, obviously)
The Fault in Our Stars
Get On Up
Dawn of the Planet of the Apes
Guardians of the Galaxy

Also, included is the song “meow” by Anamanaguchi. Hopefully you enjoy our commentary on these soon to be released films. As this podcast is still very new we are still working out the kinks so rather than hating on us why not give us tips as to how we can suck less. All we ask is that you be gentle with us, it’s our first day.

This episode is dedicated to Connor the Crusher, may he rest in peace