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versuslogo.gifOn May 15th, I will get to combine two of my favorite things: women and soccer. Make that three things if they have beer there. I only follow this one sport for a variety of reasons:

– I have terrible hand-eye coordination. This led me to play in AYSO (American Youth Soccer Organization) as a child.
– I LOVE snack bar food, so another bonus of playing in AYSO: Nachos.
– The ball is almost always moving. Baseball and football takes too long.
– It makes the most sense to me.
– Judging by the amount I yell while watching a soccer game, if I followed multiple sports, I would have a heart attack.

If you didn’t know, two months ago the Women’s Professional Soccer league was launched with seven teams already and two more in the works. This Friday I am going to my first professional soccer game, and I must admit, I am more than a little stoked to see some lady soccer players from around the world go head to head at the Home Depot Center at 7:30PM. With both the Los Angeles Sol and the NY/NJ Sky Blue FC claiming multi-national lineups, I am curious to see their skill. And them being hot soccer players. Nice.

–Jonathan Yost