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1320.JPGA week ago I joined my friends at the OC Epicrew to brave a deep fried expedition through the wonders of the Orange County Fair. Rather then attempt to describe this flavor adventure and the delicious horrors I was witness to with my eyes, and at times even with my mouth, I thought it might be fun to make a little game of it.

Play along at home and experience the the mystery and surprise for yourself, just as if you were actually there!





Try to match the picture to the food and guess what it is:



I also tried… Chocolate covered bacon (which tasted more like chocolate covered salt), deep fried artichokes (which just tasted like artichokes), and the star of the evening- Strawberry and whipped cream topped Mexican funnel cake (which fed 8 people and tasted like strawberry-topped awesome).

The stand that sold the funnel cake had a sign on it saying that anyone who could finish their jumbo funnel cake would get it for free. Looking at it, I don’t think it is physically possible. Many a fool have been shamed by its sheer girth and taunting siren song. A brave man tried while we were there but could not tame it, dying as he lived- filled with grease, dough, and unfulfilled dreams. He will be missed.



In loving memory….

–Laura Gaddy