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thestrangers.jpgThe Strangers
Rogue Pictures

Most horror films either spend forever or not long enough getting into the back story of the film. The Strangers gives you just enough for you to have an idea of what’s going on, and then starts throwing the scary shit your way. The girl I was with was scared enough to cuddle up next to me, which is always a bonus for fellas and a sign of a decent flick. Decent pacing caused me to get engrosses in it enough so that when the ending came around, I wasn’t saying to myself “It’s about fucking time!” There were, however, some things that pissed me off. A) Don’t take off the masks if you’re not going to show me faces. B) Don’t have the villains talk, just to have them say nothing. Give me a reason, or keep me fully in the dark. C) I thought Mormons had to be older than the kids were to do missions…I’ll have to look that up.

-Jonathan Yost

P.S. I never looked it up. Eff it.