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It’s down to the wire and you still haven’t found that perfect gift for your special someone? Starting to second guess if that slightly irregular slap-chop you bought your sister is going to cause her to burst into tears of joy, or just burst into tears?  We’re here to share Racket’s recipe for holiday high-fives with our list of perfect presents that will have you gifting like a boss.

Kauz Bots:

Give the gift that gives to others! Adorable robots programmed for a better world. The proceeds from each sale help go to support a targeted cause of your choice. These soft plush robots are irresistibly kuddly and kute, adopt one to bring home today and make someone else’s holiday a little brighter too! Kausebots.com

SNAP Ginger Liquor:

Nothing says the holidays like the spicy fresh-baked scent of gingerbread on a cold morning, except maybe getting drunk. Now you can have both at the same time!  Experience the yummy full bodied flavor of ginger and black strap molasses in classy booze form. Delicious! Just imagine what Santa will bring if you leave him some of this instead of Granny’s ginger-snap cookies….

SNAP. Also available in RHUBY and ROOT from Art in the Age.

Hark a Vagrant! and TopatoCo:

Hark a Vagrant! has been making history awesome since 2006! Pick up a “Shut Up About Babies”  tee to wear to your next holiday gathering and avoid boring small talk about tiny people before it begins or start your day off right with a David Bowie “Glam Breakfast”  or “Hunks”  mug. These and products from other favorites like Dinosaur Comics , Nedriod, Axe Cop, Brandon Bird, Exploding Dog, White Ninja Comics, and more available from TopatoCo!

Mod Cloth:

Shop and vote for vintage, indie, and retro items in this interactive storefront that changes its stock and evolves selection to suit your fashion tastes. Free ground shipping. Visit Modcloth.com.

Thierry Poncelet Regal Dog Portraits:

Give a present with pedigree and sophistication. These classy fine art paintings are perfect for the dog lover or archduke on your list this year. A master of canine portraiture, Thierry Poncelet’s work will amuse and delight, turning even the dreariest foyer into a regal reception hall.

Available here. For 20% off your order type “HOLLYS” at checkout.


Stylish gifts and signature featured artist wallets. Visit poketo.com.

Lost at E Minor:

Bringing you the finest hand-selected finds with a slant toward creativity, pop culture, art, and lifestyle.  Free shipping.

Venture Bros Action Figures from Adult Swim:

These Venture Brothers action figures from Adult Swim are the man-doll must have of the holiday season! Collect all your favorites!

Dr. Venture– For X-Mas this year, give God’s gift “The Ladies”. This svelte silhouette of broken dreams and male pattern baldness comes dressed for success in a stylish custom-fitted 100% genuine cloth super-science jumpsuit.  Orphan heart not included.

Also available: Relive painful childhood traumas with this Boy Rusty and Father set, stylishly packaged in an official lunch box. Xanax sold separately.

Hank Venture– Do clones really have a soul? We may never know, but for this mass-produced genetically perfect replica of your favorite home-schooled kerchief wearing teen, the answer is clear: No, they don’t.

The Monarch– Lovingly assembled by children in Taiwan, this colorful gem is perfect for use in Voo Doo rituals, kink fetish dioramas, and awkward community puppet shows about metamorphosis. Warning: Keep eyebrows pointed away from face.

Gallery Nucleus:

Gorgeous art originals, prints, and products from visiting contemporary exhibitions and beyond. Visit gallerynucleus.com.

Amazing Everything by Scott C. 

Amazing Everything is the latest book of art from Scott C. the man behind Zombie in Love and Great Show Downs. The perfect gift for the person who wants everything! Available at pyramidcar.com.

Cartoon Network:

Get all your Swag and DVD’s from your favorite fever dream inspired cartoons like Adventure Time! What time is it? Time to get some rad presents.

Prehistoric Puppets:

Take a bite out of time with this highly articulated prehistoric chomp monster. This detailed dino puppet comes in one of two colors and is made of super soft molded vinyl. Turn your hand into a deadly T-Rex and rule the past! From Puppetoys.

Spy Net: Spy Strike Laser Dueling System:

Lasers you shoot at each other! I don’t know about you, but it’ll be hard not to blow my spy cover by making pew-pew sounds and spouting one liners as I riddle my enemies full of light. Get it here.


That wraps it up! Happy holidays from Racket!

-By Laura Gaddy