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jss_cover_500x500.jpgJones Street Station
In Verses
Smith Street Records

Brooklyn band Jones Street Station does have a few things going for them. Their fusion of country and popular music makes them an interesting group to reach out to fans of both genres. In Verses, according to the band, is their debut album…Again. Including their drummer, newest addition Sam Rockwell, to the mix gives the group harder, mainstream rock grooves that would be absent otherwise in traditional country-folk music. And each player has his own strength. Bassist and singer Walt Wells holds it down. Keyboard player and singer Jonathan Benedict adds tasteful, textural layering to their tunes. Jon Hull’s harmonica and vocal skills along with vocalist and guitarist Danny Erker bases the Jones Street Station’s country feel.

They also don’t have just one front man…they have four. Yes, I found this quite confusing, but I guess the band wants to showcase all the vocal talent. I mean, who doesn’t love a group where their members can bust out four-part harmonies? The Eagles did it. It’s quirky, cute, and is a defining part of their sound. To me, there is nothing “bad” about the album, but there is nothing powerfully magical…yet. I’m excited to see what albums number two and three have in store for all of us waiting as the Jones Street Station begin to develop their sound even more. Maybe by that time, they’ll play in Los Angeles so I can come out to see them…aha! The true test of a band—the show.

–Kateri Lirio