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ep_art.pngSpeakeasy, Tiger
The Sore Throat EP

“We think music and art and creativity should inspire people. We think we should share our hopes and dreams. We think you should hear our music.”

Those are the honest and humble words you’ll find when you go to Speakeasy, Tiger’s website for their new project, The Sore Throat EP. As a fan of their original project, Girl Named Kyle, I’ve been impressed by their music before, but now I’m equally impressed by their attitude.

The Sore Throat EP is a solid collection of three songs written in a collaborative effort by the entire band. After going through some recent changes, the three main members—lead singer Kyle Simmons, keys/synth master Pete Schmidt, and bassist Lauren Gale—have become the mainstays in the project. I feel like they strike the perfect balance and compliments for each other, just the way a band should be. Simmons sings with strong, versatile pipes that are part Karen O, part Chan Marshall; sometimes heartfelt and pleading, sometimes… well, “rock,” she is always fully convicted. While Gale keeps you grounded with steady, well-built bass lines, Schmidt gets you high off of his keys and synth melodies. Well matched musically, they play with mature dynamics and impressive skill—and their raw emotion translates. And although clearly a shoo-in for the “indie-rock” category, I would say they are maybe equal parts pop (pop is not always a bad word, people).

It’s not hard to tell these guys are smart, and serious about their art. And yeah, I know, offering a free digital download is not exactly rocket science—on the contrary, for bands trying to encourage a following, it should be standard. Yet Speakeasy, Tiger’s digital offering represents music at its best; they bring to life the ideal. They are talented musicians who love making music, and sincerely want to share it with others.

Combine their dynamic songwriting skills, musical talent, and passion for art, and what to you get? Musicians secure enough in themselves to afford to be humble and honest.

By Dawn Apang