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The Dear Hunter
W/ Thursday, Fall Of Troy, Touche Amore

Forget the music for a moment. I have never seen so many beards on stage. Then again, I’ve never seen Bon Iver live. Beneath all the hair, The Dear Hunter was undeniably rocking the Glass House for a grand total of thirty minutes. The last time I remember thirty minutes go by so fast was when I got my first decent facial seven years ago. (No, that is not what she said.) Fortunately The Dear Hunter has a handful of dates with Thrice in the coming weeks.

Do not confuse them with Deerhunter or “The Deer Hunter”. The Boston based band fronted and steered by Casey Crescenzo (formerly of The Receiving End of Sirens) is a mind trip. Crescenzo started The Dear Hunter project in 2006 to undertake and write six albums about the life of a boy who is only known as “The Dear Hunter”. Apparently prostitution is a big part of this story. I have yet to look into the albums’ concept.

They started off their memorable four-song set with “Mustard Gas”. It was undoubtedly epic. The six-person three part harmonies were on point and such a feat. Even the drummer was singing! It’s just so unfortunate that the sound guys at the Glass House love to text message throughout bands’ sets. God forbid your place of work requires you to listen and pay attention to what is going on around you. But I digress.

Oh yeah, Thursday, Fall of Troy, and Touche Amore played that night too. Uninteresting. The Dear Hunter wins.

-Kateri Lirio