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thebomb.jpgTHE BOMB
No Idea Records

I have to be in the mood for a release like this and right now I’m just not. I can hear hints of bands like Jawbreaker, Guided By Voices and even the Foo Fighters, all of whom I love, but I can’t be very enthusiastic about it right now. It’s that kind of somber, reflective punk that it’s good to dwell on and mull over a bit. The album definitely harkens back to ’80s post punk and makes me think of acts like Big Black and Touch and Go Records. The Bomb features Jeff Pezzati of Naked Raygun so I guess that makes sense. The band doesn’t really sound anything like Big Black, but that era sort of embodies an era of punk where the music wasn’t exactly easily approachable, but was at one of its most inventive and experimental stages. If you’re in to the bands of that period, I think this will be up your alley.

-Luke Toney