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Broken Social Scene – Henry Fonda Theatre – Los Angeles, CA

Broken Social Scene
Los Angeles
November 7, 2005

Toronto born, Broken Social Scene treated Los Angeles to two sold out shows at the Henry Fonda Theater, the first being Monday November 7th. The supergroup usually ranges from five to seventeen members, so it was no surprise that there was a buzz among the crowd to see how many members really would be on stage. No disappointments on this night, there was counting and recounting, but as many as fifteen Broken Social Scene members were on stage at once.

The music was eclectic, complex, and movement inspiring. People danced literally like no one was watching. (But we were, and we smiled all night long.)

With every song, Broken Social Scene seemed to build with energy and power. The first significant spurt of liveliness was from the electric performance of, “Fire Eye’d Boy”. From there on the crowed was pleased with familiar tunes from the recently released self-titled album, and the previous, You Forgot in People.

Leslie Feist, the groups out-standing female vocalist was absolutely a treat for the fans of her solo project named, Feist. The chemistry between her and front man Kevin Drew was dripping from their much-desired performance of, “Lovers Spit.” The crowed was in a lull, frozen from dancing watching the two blend like lovers. The chemistry was so great, I once wondered if it was real.

The last song, (just as the album ends) “It’s All Gonna Break” was an explosion of sound, nearly too much excellence to take for a full 10 minutes, but just the right amount to be wowed as everyone walked out, musical desires satisfied.

The night was … simply wonderful.

– By Shaida