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Artist: Broadway Calls
Album: Broadway Calls (re-release.)
Label: Adeline Records
Rating: 8/10

Broadway Calls…let’s face it, that gives the average passer-by images of spin kicks, dudes in mascara, and asymmetrical hair-cuts. I imagined whining and fourteen tracks of vaginal discharge, presented as art with substance.

Good news! It’s pop-punk! It’s really, really GOOD pop-punk! Kick ass melodies, slight cynicism outlined with self-introspection (see album closer: ‘So Long My Friend, which has an awesome fucking horn section. It’s honest, it’s catchy,  and it makes me want to believe there’s something worth believing in, in Oregon, but sadly, I get the idea this is pretty much it. But boy, oh boy does it kick ass.

Tongue-in-cheek lines that bade way to the truly emotive song, "Daniel, My Brother" calls out family issues in the most direct way, "You’re a junkie for sympathy/ Why can’t you fucking admit it?"

Be on the lookout for these dudes on this years summer Warped Tour, because if they can pull off a live show half as decent as this album…then they won’t be side stage bands for very long.

Aaron Hale (aaron@racketmag.com)